Blue INNOship consists of app. 40 partners covering suppliers, shipowners, consultants, universities and schools, GTS institutions, authorities and classification societies, who work together in 5 work packages containing 14 active projects and 1 pre-study.

Work Package 1 - Ship Design & Propeller Solutions

Controllable Pre-Swirl Fins

Dynamic Propeller Shaft Speed Control





Work Package 2 - Performance & Monitoring

Vessel Performance Decision Support

Monitoring and performance


Work Package 3 - Alternative Fuel Solutions

Gas Valve Train

Multi Fuel Burner

Reduction of methane from LNG in diesel engines

Shore Based Small Scale LNG/LBG Liquefaction Units


Work Package 4 - Emission Reduction Technologies

Scrubbers – Controlling PM Emissions

Out docking hull performance improvement

Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx on Ships

Encapsulated Biocides


Work Package 5 - Servitization & Retrofit